I’m Jensina Hawkins, president of Mocodile Medical. I’ve worked in healthcare since
2006, and my passion is helping IMPROVE PRACTICE SUCCESS by augmenting
Athena training and support. The Mocodile Medical team holds decades of experience
in pharmacy operations, practice management, revenue cycle management, and
workflow optimization.

In this ever-changing world of healthcare, we remain knowledgeable with current
regulations and Athena’s ability to comply with them. Providing swift responses and
Athena superuser experience in over thirty practices, we work with your team and
Athena representatives to maximize efficiency.

The "W's" of Mocodile Medical

WHO we help: Providers, administrators, and support staff.

WHAT we help: Independent practitioners, group practices, and FQHCs.

WHEN we help: Anytime a practice is planning to implement Athena, Live on Athena
but would like more training, Live on Athena and struggling, or fed up with
Athena and considering termination.

WHERE we help: Remote or onsite, we serve clients all over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

WHY we help: So providers and staff can spend less time with the EHR and more time delivering care and living
life apart from work.

HOW we help:

Athena implementation guidance
• Full project management or behind-the-scenes
• Interpretation of Athena-speak into practice

Athena tablespace assessment
• Understand how setup is affecting your
current workflows
• Make modifications to improve efficiency and
user experience

Athena superuser support
• Stay abreast of new releases
• Available for prn phone calls, emails, and text

Athena superuser training
• Onsite environment or remote webinars
• Instructional emails with clear action steps
and screen shots

Athena reports training and building
• Financial revenue and leakage
• Clinical activities and outcomes
• Acronym soup (MIPS, UDS, MU, PCMH, etc.)

Athena Marketplace vendor research
• Vetting and comparing third-party solutions
for your specific practice needs
• Establish contact to prevent your inbox from
being flooded by solicitations